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theme thursday: sparkly silver wedding belle
‘eglantine, style no. 1980’ - jeweled bridal tiara by ericaelizabethdesign

if you’re looking to channel the princess vibe on your wedding day, then you NEED a tiara. this decadent beaded crown hairpiece features rhinestones, pearls, and other filigreed details and is also available in gold.


sometimes things are tough but look at this bun


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The wheels take impact and stress off your legs, and the position helps your spine, but you’re still doing running motions instead of biking motions, so your legs are getting a good workout, and you can go for longer

nerdy shit aside, iamgine how sick it must be to just let those feet fly into the air and do superman poses down a highway

"Nerdy shit aside u can act like Superman"


Just saw a girl in high heels long boarding to class. Godspeed, my queen.

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How rape trials should go?
  • Lawyer: Did he rape her?
  • Witness: Yes, but she was drunk and passed out.
  • Lawyer: That's not what I asked. Did he rape her?
  • Witness: Yes, but she was wearin-
  • Lawyer: I didn't ask what she was wearing. Did he rape her?
  • Witness: Yes, but-
  • Lawyer: I didn't ask anything else. It's just a simple yes or no answer. Did he rape her?
  • Witness: Yes.
  • Laywer: Yes, he raped her.
  • Rape is rape is rape, no matter the context.
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How to Overcome Emotional Detachment


Emotional numbness is where we experience mild to severe feelings of detachment – so it’s hard for us to access normal feelings any more. This includes both negative and positive emotions as you can’t decide to shut just one feeling off. Common causes of emotional…

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things i want to do with u:

  • take u to a place with low light pollution so u can look at all the stars
  • make out
  • dance by ourselves in the middle of the night
  • go to a cool place
  • bathe together
  • walk around a museum and hold hands
  • play the sims using the most ridiculous strategies 
  • make out
  • build a blanket fort
  • make out in said blanket fort
  • love you forever

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